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Xgen Transformer Guide


The Xgen Guide sheet comes with every xgen transformer and xgen component pack.

It is essential to read this guide when using any xgen pulse trigger transformer.

Without following the Xgen Rules Guide Sheet you can damage or even destroy your Pulse Trigger Transformer.

Below is just a basic simple guide rule to every xgen transformer but remember you must follow all rules of using xgens not just this simple one below.


Xgen Essential Rules

There is a list of rules that must be followed when using the Xgen series Pulse Trigger Transformer. It is vital that these rules are followed when using pulse trigger transformers.

These rules apply to all pulse trigger transformers. If these rules are not followed carefully you risk blowing your pulse trigger transformer.

This is an XGen Data Sheet Picture.

An essential rule of thumb with all pulse trigger transformers is to never push your spark distance over the limit to exceed 70% of the total length of the transformer.

The transformer is 60mm or 6cm across. 70% of this distance is 4.2cm and then take away a small safety margin to lets say to 3.7cm.

3.7 is your maximum spark distance with no impulse stutter.

Total Length


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Remember to read your Xgen Rules Guide Sheet when you purchase any xgen pulse trigger transformer.

If you don’t follow your guide sheet you can damage or even destroy your pulse trigger transformer !